Signal Problems? Follow this Handy Guide!

If you are having problems receiving your signal properly, or maybe you have completely lost it, there are a series of helpful steps you should check to try and resolve the problem.

Check your dish – Your dish may have been knocked out of place, perhaps by weather, make sure its physically setup properly. If you feel your dish is rusty or out of date, we offer upgrades for only £50.

Reboot your sky box / receiver – Often it is the case that the problem occurs with the actual sky box/receiver rather than the satellite dish.

Check the cable – Ensure that everything is connected up properly and there are no loose cables disrupting the connection.

All televisions gone off or just one? Make sure that if you think you’ve lost signal, that it is effecting all televisions. If only one is not receiving signal then it will be an internal problem.

Message on the screen – If your television switches on there may be a useful message or help screen that can solve the problem for you.

Error messages – These could help identify where the problem is, identifying whether it is a satellite or other equipment issue.

Water in the cable (split) – Check the cables and wiring to see if there are any tears or damage. Outside cabling may have been effected, especially if there has been bad weather.

If you’re still unsure of the problem, call GT Satellites on 01792 897096 or 07974 666627 for free advice, or alternatively use our contact page to get in touch.

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